Why Support Us?

Over 120 people have chosen to partner with our ministry for a variety of reasons. Here are a few in no particular order:

  1. A mutual love and respect for the military community. Our military friends and family sacrifice so much and we want to do what we can to support them. Our particular style of ministry will be a “home away from home” that will enable military members to feel cared for, get fed, and be a part of a family while growing closer to the Lord.Salute
  2. They trust God with His money and are laying treasures up in Heaven. Read what the Apostle Paul said to the church in Philippi. Paul was a supported missionary by that church, and was so thankful, but what really excited him was the fact that their heavenly account was increasing (4:17).
  3. We are loved and they believe in us. We’ve had the privilege of being around some really great people who’ve poured into our lives. They have observed our authenticity and values and have chosen to empower us to share the love of God with others. img_1780-jpg-1
  4. They can’t go but we are going for them. Like any mission of any kind, it cannot be successful without support. One cannot be sent without senders. Some people are called to stay in their community while others are called to go to another. Our family is called to be sent. Many others would like to go as well, but they know they are to stay…so why not send? (3 John 8)Version 2
  5. God said so. Sometimes God gives people opportunity to make a judgment call and other times He interjects with an undisputed directive. If He says to give, why wouldn’t we trust Him?
  6. We have impacted them. We all influence each other to some degree. Some people have felt impacted by us and want to see us make an impact on others. They support our life mission to help others follow Jesus. We desire to meet people where they are at and bring them one step closer to Jesus. IMG_5718
  7. They believe in our vision. The U.S. military is mobile and global. God wants the Gospel to start with you and spread globally. Jesus commissioned His followers to make disciples by bringing the Gospel to those within reach and to the ends of the earth. Reaching and discipling in the military community is highly strategic for God’s desire for people to know Him.
  8. They have been blessed by Cadence. It’s been really fun to hear stories of people who were ministered to by Cadence missionaries. We’ve heard several personal testimonies of when veterans and spouses found a home at a Cadence Hospitality House and either met Jesus or grew closer to Him. IMG_5370
  9. They wished they had this when they served. Even though Cadence has been around since 1954 and has well over 200 missionaries serving U.S. installations globally, most people have never heard of a missionary to the military. Veterans who have never heard of this ministry recall how they wished they had a house ministry to go to. Personal attention, spiritual encouragement, and a place to belong. img_0824
  10. They see it is a good cause to donate to. Believe it or not, some folks give not because of their fondness to the military or even because they personally know us. Some have partnered up because they see it as a good thing we’re doing. From God working through us, our community will have more “salt and light” to benefit those we live around. We will be helping other people these givers would most likely never personally reach themselves.

If you wish to join our support team or make a one-time donation, you can easily make your tax-deductible gift HERE.

You can also download our ministry brochure to help us find new supporters HERE.